FLEXOGRAPHY 101 Ink Handling and Maintenance Online Course


Info: 45 minutes; Self-paced

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This online, interactive course will give you a solid understanding of the different flexographic ink types, the proper handling and maintenance, drying and curing systems, as well as the coFLEXO 101 Ink Handlingrrect clean up techniques to conserve ink and reduce waste. Additionally, the course details the many after print tests that can be performed such as the tape test, CoF (Coefficient of Friction) test, scratch test, and proper color evaluation tools and techniques. At the completion, you will have a solid grasp of ink handling and maintenance to help ensure the quality of the printed product meets customer expectations.


    History of ink
    Ink systems
    Ink types and classes
    Ink characteristics and composition
    Ink prep
    Ink transfer
    Curing and drying systems
    After print testing
    Clean up and disposal of hazardous materials

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